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Your pet deserves a vacation too!


If your dog or cat has special needs, we are here to help. Our trained staff is committed to ensuring each pet has fun, is safe at all times, and is provided a clean, warm place to relax.

1 Dog   $39



2 dogs same suite: $68

3 dogs same suite : $97

Holiday Price : 1 Dog $3 extra (per night)

1 Cat   $24

               2 cats same room: $38

               Limit : 2 cats per room

Holiday Price : 1 Cat $2 extra (per night)



Each Suite features a 4'x16' area ( 4'x4' inside run and 4'x12' outside run) where your dog can move around, stretch his/her legs, and do his/her business. The inside run is in a climate controlled are keeping your dog comfortable.

Cat Suite are about a 2x4.5 room and a majority have window views

Special : Free bath with a long boarding service (over 3 weeks)

Walk & Play


  • Injections :$5 

  • Medication : $2 (per dose)

  • Transport fee : $42 (each trip/up to 10 mile)

  • Potty Walk : $3

  • Nature Walk (one on one/ around property) : $8

  • Play Yard (Avg.10min) : $8     Multi-dog family : $6 

  • Play with CMK Member (petting & brushing-avg.10min) : $8

Add Ons

  • Pick up time : by noon

  • Late Pick up Fee : $20 per dog / $10 per cat (after 12pm~5:45pm)

  • 1 day extra boarding : Let us know by noon to avoid additional late pick up charges.

    ** Any changes to boarding schedule must be made 24hours in advance (non holidays) **
    ** Any changes to boarding schedule must be made 7 days in advance (holiday)**

​​Services on public holiday and after operational hours may require a deposit and are subject to price increases and cancellation fees.

There is a $3 holiday/peak season surcharge per dog per night*/ $2 holiday/peak season surcharge per cat per night* during the peak holiday  periods. 

Pick up & Drop-off

DOG : Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella

(We will require dog influenza vaccination starting next year)

CATFVRCP and Rabies (FELV recommended)

Fax us at 503-642-5411


Veterinarian Proof of Vaccination


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